Using Unmounted Stamps

All our stamps are unmounted red rubber.  The stamps will require some type of adhesive or cling to stick to your acrylic block.  There are many products that can be used for this.  You will find a few videos below demonstrating different methods.
Clear Mounting Stamps
Purple Onion Designs is now carrying 2 sizes of clear mounting stamps as a temporary mounting solution.  There is a 4x6 and 6x6 size.  These clear mounting stamps can be used on acrylic blocks and the different stamping platforms/tools on the market.  The clear stamps can easily be removed after stamping, stored, and used over and over again. They can also be cut down for custom sizing.
You can read more about using them in the links below and the video that follows.
Anna Lorenzetto's Clear Mounting Stamp Tips
Leanne West's Clear Mounting Stamp Tips & Storage
How to use unmounted stamps with Clear Mounting Stamps in your Misti
by Sandy Allnock
Using unmounted stamps with Clear Mounting Stamps
by Kara Pogreba
Tack n' Peel, Cling Cushion, Removable Tape & Glue Sticks
A product I had used for years is called Tack n' Peel. This is a clear sheet that has adhesive on one side and a smooth cling on the other.  The sheet is trimmed to the size of your acrylic block and placed on the block using the adhesive side. The cling side has a protective backing that is taken on and off when using your stamps. Tack n' Peel is designed to permanently remain on your acrylic block.  Since the sheet is clear you can simply flip your acrylic block over to see through when using clear or cling mounted stamps. 
Using unmounted stamps with Tack n' Peel & cling cushion
by Sandy Allnock
Using Unmounted Stamps with the Misti Stamp Tool & Tack n' Peel
by Julia Alterman
Tack n' Peel & Unmounted Stamps
by Therese Calvird
Removable Tape & Glue Sticks with Unmounted Stamps
by Therese Calvird
Cling Cushion & Unmounted Stamps
by Therese Calvird