Clear Mounting Stamp - 4 x 6


This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp which can be used as a temporary mounting solution for your Purple Onion Designs unmounted stamps.

Use the clear stamp on an acrylic block or acrylic stamping platform to hold your Purple Onion Designs unmounted stamps in place while stamping.

Remove and store when finished until next time. The clear stamp can be cleaned with water and a little liquid soap.

Please note that not all unmounted stamps will cling to the clear stamp.  This item is for use with Purple Onion Designs stamps.  The rubber can vary from company to company and previously mounted stamps may still have residual adhesive on the back, which can create a barrier from sticking.  This item can not be returned if used or if the backing has been peeled away from the stamp.  It is then an unsaleable item.

Additional shipping may apply to international & domestic orders when multiples are ordered. You will be notified via email after your order is placed or you can send an email to inquire before placing your order.

*This product is excluded from any site wide sales.

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